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Admissions Process

Any questions in the admissions process may be directed to the Headmaster.  Below, we have provided a checklist to help guide you in the admissions process and make registration as seamless as possible.  


After filling out our application, the registration process is as follows: 

Step 1: Fill out our Admissions Application. 


Step 2: Meet with our Headmaster for an admissions appointment. At this appointment, you will learn more about text-driven education, Deuteronomy 6, and Home Education. You will also be asked to share your beliefs and your personal salvation testimony.


Step 3: Wait to receive your acceptance letter. 


Step 4: Meet with our Headmaster for registration. At this appointment, you will register your child for home education with the State of Florida, learn about your child’s classes, review tuition expectations, and fill out paperwork. Before your appointment, please obtain a copy of your child’s most recent school transcripts. If your child has been homeschooled and therefore does not have school transcripts, please have ready a copy of your child’s educational portfolio.

Mission Statement

Fellowship Academy seeks to help students know God and make Him known through text-driven education. 

Admissions Menu

Experience FA

You can experience Fellowship Academy for yourself by setting up a Scheduled Tour with our Headmaster using the form above. 

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